Scott Robert Ladd's presence on the web.

                        Seeking solutions for intractable problems.

Scott Books The usual introduction: I'm a humanoid U.S. Citizen, a husband, a father of three wonderful daughters, a reptile conservationist, and a right-wing leftist.

This website serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, this is a place to display my public works: Books I've written of both technical and fantastic nature, along with free software I've developed. You can find links on the left.

And then there wil be my articles, polemics, and ramblings on a variety of topics. I'm working on those now, some in collaboration with others. Anyone who knows me is aware that I see no sense in having an opinion or belief without expressing it, debating its virtues, and engaging thought in myself and others.

So read, ponder, reject, ignore, compile, suggest, or whatever else comes to your mind.